Angelo "Ivo" Cubi with his daughter, Carlotta Cubi

Patti Austin, Grammy winner and co-founder of the Over My Shoulder Foundation, honored with the 2010 inaugural MIDDIE Award, designed by Cumar

In the stone world, mentoring is the only way that the special craftsmanship has been able to live on from generation to generation. Growing up as the daughter of a 7th generation stone craftsman has been very inspiring. The passion that my father, Ivo Cubi, exudes everyday has brought him international recognition. In our house, a highlighter and a set of architectural blue prints were how we practiced coloring within the lines. No coloring books, just plans of hotel lobbies, elaborate offices, or luxury residences. When I joined the family business, it became obvious that my dad was mentoring me all along. To you [my father] Ivo, I say thank you from me, the entire team at Cumar, and the countless number of other people in the industry you have mentored over the years.  

Lastly I would like to thank Cumar mentee Patti Austin and Cumar employee Dawn Carroll for starting the Over My Shoulder Foundation and inspiring the MIDDIE-Mentors in Design awards– We are honored to be part of the Award that is hosted by Design New England magazine. Patti was given the 2010 inaugural MIDDIE award and we welcome you into the design industry. We wish you all the best with your transition from mentor in the music world to mentee in the design world.”  Carlotta Cubi

A Solid Foundation For The Future For Stone Supplier Cumar Inc.

Our highly anticipated creation for the Design New England Mentors In Design Awards (MIDDIES) was finally revealed Wednesday night at the magazine’s fourth anniversary celebration. The breathtaking sculpture made from rare ammonite and Swarovski crystals will be presented to individuals in the design community who have taken the time to mentor future generations entering into the field of design.

While the reveal of the award was an incredible moment for everyone here at Cumar , our principal role in the event for sponsorship and award creation was truly a testament to the company’s reputation built through years of hard work. Ivo’s persistent dedication to finding the highest quality materials and demanding excellence from his employees has put Cumar on the map for exotic stones. His infectious spirit and pride in the company translates into a family of diligent employees who stand firmly behind every stone that leaves Cumar. Design consultant Dawn Carroll explains that it was Ivo’s belief in her that allowed her to flourish in her career and her personal pursuits.

A very special part of the evening occurred when Ivo’s daughter Carlotta took center stage to thank her father for his guidance in her own career at the family business. The Cumar family is a shining example of the power of mentoring, a key part of their family tradition for seven generations.

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Behind The Scenes Of The Middies, Part 2

Five days until Design New England’s Mentors in Design Awards (MIDDIES) are unveiled! Cumar Inc. is honored to be designing this influential award which will be celebrated at the gala next Wednesday, November 3 at the chic W Hotel and Residences. The vision of our president Ivo Cubi combined with the talent of stone designer Dawn Carroll and the entire Cumar team have created a stunning stone award. Made of ammonite and beautifully embedded with thousands of Swarovski crystals, the circular design of this one-of-a-kind award represents the ongoing mentoring process that results in personal and professional growth. We will be thrilled to reveal the award next week!

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Behind The Scenes Of The Middies

On September 24th my co-founder of the Over My Shoulder Foundation, the fabulous Grammy Award winning singer Patti Austin flew into Boston. Our task was to create an award to be unveiled at an elegant evening that Design New England is planning for November 3, 2010 to celebrate the concept of mentoring. Together with legendary stone master Ivo Cubi and Cumar Inc.’s brilliant engineering team, we had three days to come up with the Mentors in Design Award (MIDDIES). With Ivo leaving that day for Italy to search for the perfect stone for this high-profile award, the pressure was on.
During Patti’s visit, she saw that mentoring is something that happens every minute of every day at Cumar. As one of the most respected and influential stone craftsmen in the world, Ivo is known for his ability to find the most unusual stones anywhere and make glamorous, brilliant objects out of them.  What I admire most about Cumar is that everyone has the opportunity to follow their dreams with Ivo as a natural mentor.  As a 7th generation stone master, Ivo wants to see future generations of his family pursue the business with his same passion and a spirit that sets the mood to mentor a top-performing team. Ivo teaches us something new daily about the stone we work with. The beauty of mentoring is that it knows no age.

As a team, we at Cumar are over flowing with talent and imagination but it takes a veteran talent, a person well-versed and who has first-hand experience to take all of our energy and channel it. With open arms, Ivo has embraced my dream to not only to flourish in my career but to allow me to bring my Over My Shoulder project into Cumar. Stay tuned – the dazzling award is currently in production and the Cumar team is pooling their expertise to create a mesmerizing icon that will become a treasured symbol of accomplishment in a mentor’s life. – Dawn Carroll

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Cumar Promotes Mentoring with the Middies

Internationally-known stone fabricator Cumar, Inc. teamed up with Design New England as a sponsor for the magazine’s Mentors in Design Awards, MIDDIES Award. Inspired by the Over My Shoulder Foundation, co-founded by Dawn Carroll, award-wining stone designer at Cumar, Inc. and Grammy Award winner Patti Austin, the awards recognize design professionals who share their time, expertise, and wisdom with upcoming generations of designers.
It was Dawn Carroll’s passion for mentoring and her position at Cumar that helped bring the programs together. Personally guided by Patti Austin early in her songwriting career and today by Ivo Cubi, Cumar president, Dawn has seen the power of mentoring firsthand and recognized the opportunity for Cumar to join with Design New England to create the MIDDIES. As an award celebrating professionals in interior design, architecture, building, and landscape design, Cumar’s long history and reputation in the field of stone work also made them natural partners for Design New England.

The official launch of the MIDDIES and start of the nomination process will occur on Wednesday, November 3 at Design New England’s fourth anniversary celebration, an invitation-only gala at the W Hotel and Residences in Boston’s Back Bay. After review, honorees will be announced during January, National Mentoring Month. MIDDIES recipients will be presented with exclusive stone keepsakes custom-created by Cumar, Inc.

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