When a homeowner selects stone to create the kitchen island of their dreams, oftentimes it’s up to a design professional to make that vision a reality. However, many consumers do not realize stone slabs are limited by their size – unlike countertops made with man-made materials like plastic composite which can be easily customized to any length, stones are restricted to their slab size, leaving designers to figure out how to handle seams for these one-of-a-kind pieces.

At Cumar, we’ve perfected a variety of methods that deal with seams in the final design. First, we thought why not use the actual seam to create a more interesting design concept? For stones with veining, Cumar can match the vein in a book match pattern to create an amazing finished product achieved only through our extensive stock of materials and precision cutting. With Ivo Cubi’s attention to detail when selecting Cumar’s stone materials, a variety of slabs are available for creating book matched designs.